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IBM Research Lab, Austin (Research Intern)

Multimodal visually recognisable action compliance for use as an astronaut assistant on the Space Station. Worked on understanding end to end deep learning visual action recognition and NLP models.

Stanford ML Group - Andrew Ng Lab (Team Lead – RA) 

Led a team of RAs for the design, conceptualization and execution for the first collaborative project of the Stanford ML group with the Dept. of psychiatry (Stanford Med), on identifying patterns in therapist speech across psychotherapy sessions which lead to positive outcomes.

Stanford ML Group - Andrew Ng Lab (Research Assistant) 

Worked on detecting deep vein thrombosis using ultrasound Images and applied deep learning with the Dept. of Radiology (Stanford Med)

​​Goldman Sachs, Bangalore, India (Summer Quant Analyst) 

Designed and implemented a platform to mathematically model future returns of investments in the asset management division (IMD Strats) 

Intel Corporation, Bangalore, India (Research Intern) 

Refined a dynamic play-out buffer algorithm for enhancing quality of voice service over 3G/LTE IP networks.